Week one of “Rush to CardRunners”

by PokerAnon ~ February 8th, 2011. Filed under: Rush Poker.

After one week of February I’m no longer certain where I am in my Rush to CardRunners project but I’m getting close. I have just under 1,000 FTP points but I’m not sure of the exact amount because at some point I realized that I was including Happy Hour bonus points which don’t count toward CR time. That explains some of the high points earning points.

Had I planned in more detail I would have set the FTP widget and tracked from there, which is what I’m doing now, but I don’t know how much I’ve overstated my earnings so far. I don’t think that I’m overstating by a huge amount though.

Total of around 8,500 hands, fortunately up around $100 at this point. $10nl FR Rush is a strange collection of players though. Things like:

  • I c-bet, and the player check-raises by shoving the rest of his 100+bb stack
  • A more common version comes from 30-50 bb stacks that check-shove their small-medium pocket pairs on any flop. I don’t know how many of these I’ve collected with overpairs or top pair
  • I raise A7o from the cutoff, flop is Ace high and the blind donk-pots each street, essentially paying me to call his J5 that missed the entire board
  • Some unbelievable folds from 40-50 bb stacks that bluff the river then fold when I shove over top. Pot is say $3.50, they bet $2.00 on the river and then fold their last $1.00 or 0.50 when I shove. What?
  • A player who flats AA when I raise from the CO, flops a set, check/calls the flop, then donks 0.10 on the turn and river. And other poor value plays.
  • These are offset by players who flop hands, make huge bets and are successful in making me think that they’re obviously trying to scare me off.
  • Which are sometimes offset by players who bet the river when it makes no sense

One of the big things at mini-micros is shows of strength. With marginal hands I sometimes play for pot control with marginal hands like top pair/weak kicker.  Players at this level have never heard of pot control so it’s interpreted as weakness and I end up having to do bluff catching when this happens.

Still, some general rules:

  • Loose/passives call too much: always bet when ahead, don’t bluff when you’re not
  • Looser players are more likely to have the flush
  • Aggressive players who are just calling have something
  • Passive players who are betting have something
  • Min-raises post-flop seem evenly divided between “I have nothing but I want to see if you will fold” versus “I have something and I want to build the pot”
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