Zoom (Rush) Poker, and tilt

by PokerAnon ~ February 18th, 2013. Filed under: Rush Poker, Zoom Poker.

I don’t know what it is about Zoom Poker (PokerStars’ version of Rush Poker) that tilts me so.

When I start new, like a new level, or switch from NLHE to PLO, or come back after not playing it for a long time, it’s fresh and I play well, monies roll in, I can’t believe the win rate. But after playing for a long-ish session or if I play a number of days in a row I imperceptibly start to tilt.

There is something that comes from not sitting at a table and seeing how these players play and the anonymity of the rotation, in spite of the fact that I have Holdem Manager and stats, that loses me. I don’t know how many times I’ve run into aggression from an aggressive player, shoved over top, only to discover that they had the goods. Or called down to the same result. So I force myself to fold and fold and fold, and then my non-showdown winnings line drops and drops, and still I can’t staunch the bleeding.

There’s a really fine line that I can’t seem to maintain over any length of time. It’s a much finer line, or a line that I don’t seem to run into in regular tables. If I’m too attentive I can get too involved, too wrapped up, too frustrated. If I’m too carefree, I’ll call down or shove too easily.

Part of this stems from playing really low levels, of course. I cashed out almost all of my Stars bankroll post Black Friday, and half of my small Tilt bankroll, which I now have access to again, but I’m playing the low levels of PLO trying to learn the game. I’ve got some 50,000 hands or so at $2 and $10 tables and the results are streaky as heck and the players are as annoying as heck. To learn the game I should sit at regular tables, but Zoom is just so convenient for me that I can’t resist.

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