Un-Managing Zoom tilt

by PokerAnon ~ April 7th, 2013. Filed under: Zoom Poker.

My goal of managing my Zoom tilt is failing, and it’s time to do something that I haven’t had the gumption to do yet; hand history review.

I’ve pulled the biggest losing hands from the downswing period only, almost 7,000 hands worth.


Losing Zoom poker


I’ve returned to NLHE, at the $10 level, from my previous ventures into PLO.

  • KK: Against a nit, but I’m not sure if his 4-bet shove preflop indicated that it’s more likely to be AK than if he raised to say $5-6. There are 6 AAs, 1 KK and 8 AKs that he could have, plus maybe QQ/JJ once in a while so I thought I had to call. This was one of the early ones, one that started me on my way down the slope.
  • JJ: I 3 bet, but get 3 callers, but the flop is pretty unlikely to hit in a normal 3-bet pot. I think my c-bet is fine, but I call a check-raise from the OR because I think players at this level will think that their 66/77/88/99/TT is good here, but he raised/called the 3-bet after 2 other callers with 54s.
  • QQ: BUT raises, I 3-bet, he 4-bet shoves his AJ, I’m a 71% favorite but he rivers an Ace.
  • KQ: I don’t like calling OOP but I turn the nut straight, but he flopped a boat. Tough to fold this one anywhere but preflop, given the lack of reads/stats and the way $10 Zoom plays
  • 43: Flush over flush. I called flop and raised turn to protect against a fourth heart, but I was already dead. The dangers of suited connectors, but he’s a 11/10 nit so preflop I don’t think I need to play differently here. I’m looking for wide range hands against early position raises from nits.
  • 55: I flop the under boat and I don’t think the board is too dangerous so I let him bet into me. Unfortunately his QQ on the dry board hits a bigger boat on the river.
  • 66: I open raise from the hijack and get min-3bet from the blind. Flop a set on a mono board and we get it all in on the flop, my set against his KTs. So that’s what those min-3bets mean?
  • KK: 13/11 nit 3bets an EP raise and I 4bet from the blinds and I’m committed, but he has AA.
  • AA: I 3bet an EP raise and call from 0.30 to 1.30, so they have to call $1.00 and my effective stack is $8.00 remaining, so he’s getting 8:1 odds to set mine, and he hits with his 77.
  • I’ve gone through phases of not 3betting AK IP with a high frequency because I get frustrated with $10 Zoom players calling my 3bets and not folding flop, so here I flat a raise IP, but an EP limper with 72s flops trips on a K22 board.
  • 87s in a min-raised pot. I flop a flush and straight draw but against bottom set and I don’t improve.
  • QQ: I flop a set but he has a gut shot and and Ace, and his gut shot fills. I don’t know how easy it is to fold a set of Queens, though by the turn the board is ugly. Lots of two pair hands he could have though too.
  • AK: I raise from EP, flop an Ace, turn another Ace, but he called through for his Q which gave his KJ a straight on the river.
  • 22: Bottom set, he has 66 on a 275,4 board and rivers a bigger set. I bet two streets and check/call his 2/3 pot river bet.
  • AK: I flop top pair, two pair on the turn and he started with 55 BBs so we’re in, but he flopped a set of 8s
  • QQ: $2.45 EP open shoves, min-raised by player with $5.40, I shove over top with QQ, his K4 flops not one but two pairs.
  • AK: I raise to 5bbs when the button limps in. Fire two barrels because I suspect he’s chasing a flush draw. Unfortunately the flush fills on the river with an Ace, so I call his 1/2 pot river bet.
  • TT: I flat behind, call on a 347 flop, bet and get check-raised on a 7 turn, and fold to a 4 river. Not sure what else to do; raise/fold flop, readless?
  • JT: Another hand where the pot size got out of control. I raise, get min-raised and another player flats; I’m getting over 20-1 so I call. I flop an OESD OOP, but player IP makes smallish flop and turn bets so I call, and fold river.
  • I 3bet KJs from the SB over a BUT raise and he flats. I bet a low flop, he flats, I bet a J turn and he flats. I should fire river since I have only just over 1/2 pot, but I was hoping to check down and keep the pot small, and instead with an 8 river I fold to his bet.
  • AK: I 3bet an EP raise from a player with 40bbs, and he flats with just over pot left in his stack. QQ3 flop, he shoves, I call, he rivers an eight for his 98s.

All in all I don’t think that I’m playing all that badly, even given the level of players. Do I fold KK preflop against nits? Maybe. Or a 5 high flush against a nit EP raise? Those would have cut down on the variance and on the losses here, and there are some more questionable moves in the 50BB pot range.

One thing that I do notice is my attitude. I don’t have a lot of respect for these players, and reasonably so, having looked at some hands and the ways that they play out. But with the lack of reads and game flow because of the Zoom format it’s difficult to make maximum use of that very general knowledge. But when I’m in a downswing it gets difficult to keep that under control.

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2 Responses to Un-Managing Zoom tilt

  1. Pat

    PA, it’s been a long time. You haven’t updated your blog in a while (I hope you’ll get an e-mail notification of this comment!), do you still play? Would be great to hear from you, old friend.

  2. PokerAnon

    Hey Pat! I’m still playing, but very sporadically. Hope things are going well with you.

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