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by PokerAnon ~ March 25th, 2012. Filed under: Zoom Poker.

[Zoom Poker is the next big thing on PokerStars. After some fooling around I’m starting at $10nl full ring, where I left off on Rush Poker, to get a feel for the game again.]

So it’s here, Zoom Poker, the godsend for cash game players who have families, jobs, and other things that make it difficult to multitable online cash games just because it’s so hard to set aside one or more hours to select tables, get on the tables, get reads on players.

I’ve donked around the lowest levels on various computers, mostly without statistical software, just to get the chance to play. Now I’ve settled in to grind $10nl to get a feel how to play again. Plus, since Black Friday (almost a year now!) I’ve kept my online bankrolls small so as to avoid putting too much money at risk, so I only keep a few hundred dollars at Stars anymore.

But now I’m really accumulating VPPs. The hands come so fast that the VPPs just roll in, even at 10nl. Even though Zoom only started half way through March I may actually make silverstar for only the second or third time in five years of playing there.

Here’s my fav hand so far. I’ve had more than a three buy in stack at Zoom before, but that was accumulated over time. This is the first time so far that I’ve tripled up a 100 bb stack in one hand.


On the flop I have to be ready to stack off; I’ve hit the flush but unfortunately it’s only a medium flush. I’m afraid of someone holding just the Ace or King of hearts but I’m afraid to build the pot so early so I just call the OR bet in hopes of thinning the field a bit and avoiding another heart. But there is one heart that I really like and it comes on the turn. When the OR stops betting I bet small now hoping that one of them does have a big heart card.



When the board pairs the OR jams, betting pot. I’m happy to call. The last player, at a better level, should fold his hand, but at 10nl I think he probably has to call too.

All that being said, I am winning at 25bbs/100 hands over a very small sample, but my play is inconsistent, as is my connection (I keep losing connection) and I should actually be doing better. I’ll post more about what I think one should be doing as I go along.

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