June Carnival of Card and Board Games

by PokerAnon ~ June 3rd, 2010. Filed under: Carnival of Card and Board games.

Every time I almost forget about the Carnival of Card and Board Games that I do.

Partly it’s because I do it every other month rather than every month so the routine isn’t there, but fortunately the web site that arranges these sends out a reminder.

This month, Tada! the first submission from a chess site!

david presents Rook Endgames – Lesson 14 – Rook & Pawn versus Rook Part 2 posted at Attack The King – A Complete Chess Portal.

Then, some “Eurogames”. This is a term that I wasn’t familiar with, but apparently refers to games that have less luck and less conflict involved, as opposed to “Ameritrash” games, which I think would include poker.

Wise Bread presents Top 5 Economy Based Board Games that Make You Think posted at Wisebread.

Here’s a board game, similar to Risk, based on the conflict between colonists and Native Americans in 1675 New England. Maybe it’s intent is to help people learn more about the conflict, or maybe it’s just a gamer money grab, but Eric questions the appropriateness of basic premise given the underlying issues.

Eric presents King Philip’s War Boardgame – Seriously? What the….? posted at making owls cool since 1986.

And here’s a native Tibetan game. Eastern in source, but falls into the Ameritrash category from above, just like poker.

Antoinette Patterson presents Party Games: Were Gonna Have A Tibetan Sho-Down posted at HelloMissPatterson.

Thanks all for the submissions. I enjoyed looking through all your blogs.

See you in two months.

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