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It was never my intent to create a “book” or “system” for Hold’em poker. Originally I created this blog as a place for me to collect and work through my own poker-related thoughts, but over time I seem to have created a lot of posts of instructional value, usually as a result of my own attempts to solidify and clarify my own understanding. I’ve long been a “professional student” and I learn best by making notes for myself and then presenting my understanding, much as I used to do when I wrote research papers.

In hopes of increasing usabilty I’ve tried to apply some organization to these instructional blog posts. The topics are not exhaustive nor sequential on the subject of No Limit Hold’em, much less on poker in general, but I think there’s useful information for the beginner to intermediate poker player, including myself.

There’s a lot of musing and theorizing, as well as a bunch of straight forward instructional posts. At some future date I might come up with a means of indicating the more philosophical from the straightforward entries.


If you look around the internet there are a lot of sources of poker information. But for a novice player the advice and discussions of higher stakes players isn’t necessarily useful against the level of competition that the beginner faces. For example I’ve seen instructional videos by $200NL or higher players playing at $10 or $25NL tables, but they don’t fare well because it’s been so long since they themselves played at that level. One of the best videos was a $100NL player playing $10NL tables, but he played at those tables occasionally because he had a friend who played at that level so he had both a feel for how to play at $10NL as well as his superior poker skills.

That’s where I think my older posts about playing the lower levels are useful. The posts were written as I worked my way through playing these levels, so they’re written by someone who currently or very recently was playing against these levels of poker.

Thanks for stopping by, and gl at the tables!



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