.. we’re all just degenerate gamblers

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This is a little weird.

This is quoted from a poker forum, from a professional player/coach. And a coach at one of the poker coaching sites.

The moral argument is just hilarious. I mean, thats how we all ended up playing poker for a living, because we live by high moral standards right? We obviously care so much about our communities and fellow man, that we sit inside all day and take money from people who have lost their jobs, and can’t feed their families. GTFO. Get off your moral high horses people, bottomline is we’re all just degenerate gamblers that want to sleep till 2 everyday and provide nothing back to the community.

Interesting attitude. If you’re curious where it originates from, google it and it should show up.

The poster in question has been defending himself against attacks because Full Tilt suspended him. The reason given for suspension of his account; buying hand histories from PokerTableRatings. How Full Tilt found out that he has purchased hand histories from PTR I don’t know; I didn’t go back and research.

People criticized him for using purchased hand histories, and the quote was a part of his response.

Number one, it’s a hell of an attitude to state publicly, even if he does believe it, when he hopes to get students. Number two, I don’t know how many poker professionals agree, even deep down or at some level. Mind you, I have no interest in making a living with poker, so maybe I just don’t fit the stereotype.

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