by PokerAnon ~ February 15th, 2014. Filed under: General poker strategy, Rush/Zoom Poker.

After a month and a half I’m still on my $10 6 max Zoom project.


I guess eventually I should move up to $25nl. I’ve got the bankroll, I had the bankroll for that when I started, but I kind of like this training ground.

My non-showdown line is flattening slightly; I’m firing slightly more turn cbets and 3 betting preflop a bit more, which should help that out.

PFR, VPIP are okay; PFR is ahead of the average which is where it should be given the players at this level.



Postflop aggression looks okay, I guess. I’m almost an outlier but that’s a function of the high PFR and doing a lot of cbetting flops. I’m making a conscious effort to slow the cbetting down, especially out of position and multiway, but it’s difficult given the wide range that I open raise pre, meaning I wiff most flops. And, this needs to be managed along with firing more second barrels because players call flops with almost anything at this level.

If they were smarter, I’d suspect them of floating OOP, and I think some actually do this without thinking. Call flop because they can’t fold or because they don’t believe me, checking turn, donking river. What I suspect they are doing is betting river because I don’t bet the turn because I’m trying to control pot size and I know that any pair on the flop isn’t folding anyway. They interpret this as weakness and bet the river, which, if I have any hand strength, I call.


3 bet preflop is hard to judge. Some overuse it, some never use it.


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