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by PokerAnon ~ March 20th, 2010. Filed under: General poker strategy, Personal key entries, Philosophy and approach, Poker and life, Poker psychology, Weaknesses.

There are a lot of things that I’ve discovered over the years of maintaining this blog. I thought I’d do a summary for myself.

c the aggression muscle is not easily controlled by me. I can easily fall into a mode of being either passive or spewy

c I like to win, and I have some fear of losing. The result mirrors the settings that I used to use in the Islewars DOS computer game where I would win 60% of the games that I played. In the longer term this keeps me from moving up in stakes and in the shorter term sometimes keeps me from making thin value bets.

c I’m not sufficiently emotionally removed from playing poker. I get too excited/anxious/angry. Though I’m not as bad as many people that I know, it still affects my game negatively. I’m personally involved in my game, largely because I know that there are people at the other end of the avatars. This is not the case when I play a computer poker simulator or most, though not all, video games.

c Watching/reading higher level play and analysis combined with not moving up in stakes creates a dissonance between my thinking/expectations and reality

These are the key general issues with my play. There are other somewhat more specific items like not adjusting to players at various levels well enough, not always taking sufficient time to consider odd/ranges clearly enough, or not always being on my A game when I play but these and others seem secondary, almost technical issues rather than the more psychological/personality based things that flow out of the manifestation which is me and into my poker game.

They’re also issues that have been around since my early days of playing poker. At the very beginning technical issues were more important but since then the technique and range of skills and abilities has increased. Since I don’t move up I just keep winning at a similar rate while continuing to polish my game and work on these long standing manifestations.

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