Listing personal poker weaknesses

by ~ September 15th, 2008. Filed under: General poker strategy, Poker aggression, Weaknesses.

I need to get back and do some specific hand review. The problem is that 1) I’m not getting in as many hours of poker as I’d like, and 2) I’m playing all kinds of different games/levels. The problem about not doing some regular specific hand review is that memory becomes clouded and you may think that you’re playing fine but in reality you’re spewing or missing value.

But there’s also general awareness of one’s playing, and I‘ve been meaning to try to list my perception of my biggest weakness or holes in my game.

  1. Put opponents on too narrow of a range of hands. This happens preflop when I expect them to have the same calling range as I would have. Then postflop, I have both the board and the bets/calls to modify my range but often I narrow this far too much. Example: JJ, flop is AJT or some other combination of the top 5 cards. Opponent calls my flop bet, bets into me, or check raises and I’m immediately afraid that he’s flopped the straight, when AQ/KJ/KT/QJ, or AJ/AT/TT, or AK may be played the same way, and numerically outnumber KQ.
  2. Not being able to fold. When I bet or raise, it has already taken a fair amount of belief that my hand is good in order for me to get aggressive. I also believe that I’m a better player than pretty much every player at the tables that I play at. I need to look at specifics, but far too often I can’t fold after rousing myself up to raising/betting.
  3. Lack of patience. This is a recurring theme for MTTs, but it happens in regular SnGs as well. I get frustrated and/or annoyed with watching bad plays, feel pressured by the rising blinds and get aggressive. I don’t think I’m over-aggressive opening, but I’m unable to fold to reraises or post flop when I start to lose patience. When I get short stacked, sometimes I do start to follow the “any two cards” approach, and maybe too aggressively due to lack of patience again.
  4. Putting too much stock into my image. At the level that I’m playing at most players are probably not paying attention to image. After raising a couple of hands I often assume that anyone playing back at me is reading me as LAG, and I’ve been burned more than once when it turns out that they just have a better hand than me.
  5. Fancy Play Syndrome. I burn myself much more often than I need to by getting fancy. Usually this involves slowplaying or otherwise under-representing my hand. Other plays like bet sizing to target short stacks in tournies or undersizing raises or bets with big hands either preflop or postflop doesn’t usually come back to bite me, except sometimes heads up where you have to mix things up anyways.
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