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by ~ April 28th, 2008. Filed under: Bankroll, General poker strategy, Goals and plans.

* Modified June 15th, 2010 *

Well, I’ve almost depleted my play money bankroll with the “playing blind” exercise, at least the amounts that will let me play the higher buyin Sit and Goes. And I played a points tourney trying to earn tourney dollars so I could use that to play cheap real money tourneys blind, but I didn’t win/cash so that’s not ready to try yet.

I still find it embarrassing to go to the river ’cause I don’t know what I’m holding, but there’ve been funny ones. I stabbed at a 778 flop from the blind against two limpers, they called, a 6 came on the turn and another on the river and we checked both. Turned out that I had a 6 for a boat. So I bet when I had nothing, checked when I had something. They had both called with gutshots or something but OOP I expected one of them to be just calling with a 7 or at least an 8 or another pair. 😮 So you can see that my hand reading ability hasn’t improved.

One good thing coming out of this is that in regular games I sometimes notice myself looking at the flop and evaluating it for betting purposes even before I consider how the flop fits my own hand. I think this is a good sequence, and I should probably even look at the other players’ stats before I consider my hand. Raised/raised by whom/ limped, number of high cards, possible draws, likelihood of catching a piece of my opponents’ hands, opponents’ playing style/stats, then finally, how the flop fits my actual hand seems like a good sequence.


I mini-cashed in another freeroll on the weekend though it was on a site where I already have a bankroll so it didn’t really matter. But the thing to note is that again I was doing something else while playing. In this case, trying to make dinner. I play these freerolls not for the money obviously, but because there’s a couple competitions going on with some people that I know with regards to performance in these.

I didn’t cash, however, in a couple freerolls that I played on a new site for me. It’s one of the bigger sites/networks and I am considering having a bankroll there, especially after the site with my 3rd biggest bankroll closed. I’m going to give my building a bankroll from freerolls advice a go for a while first before I deposit. I don’t know if they have a first deposit bonus or not, but if they do, then I want to be fully comfortable with the software before I make a deposit, and playing freerolls is a good way to do that.

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