Aggression problems again …

by ~ September 27th, 2007. Filed under: Philosophy and approach, Poker aggression, Weaknesses.

Still having a problem with managing aggression.

Blind steals aren’t too bad. The pot is small so I’m not overly committed to it. Bigger problems arise when I have a hand (overpair, TPGK), or, I think the person is playing back at me. I don’t take the time to consider that they may actually have a hand.

Yesterday late in a freeroll in a limped pot I flopped 2 bottom pair and tried to warn the player who led the flop by reraising 3x. On the turn the pairs turned into a boat and he led again, and then pushed the river with AK, TPTK. Bad play on his part to not raise preflop, and then he fell into the problem that I have.

Later in another limped pot I had KJo from SB on a flop of J72, led the flop, called in one place. I immediately put him on a J with a weaker kicker, and led the turn and river. He pushed the river, I called and he had flopped a set of 2s.

Playing top pair too fast gets expensive; somehow there has to be a line between getting the most value and making people pay to draw, while not paying off some who has flopped a big hand.

In 6 max I’ve been stacked twice recently. Once in SB with KK, flop comes with 983 with flush draw, I raise, get minreraised, put him on TPTK and push. He calls with his T7s combo draw and hits the flush. Later at another table I raise from the SB, get reraised from the BB, fold. Next hand I raise from the button with AT, get reraised by the same guy so I push; he has AQ and I get stacked again.

When/how to put the brakes on aggression? I have to be able to check down/fold when I may be behind a set or 2 pair, but at the same time I have to protect my overpairs and TP.

I’ve got to start paying more attention to the betting/calling of my opponents. Minraising in particular has all sorts of possible meanings, and it seems that people consistently do the same things, either bluffing, pot building, or repping a big hand with it. When I see a minraise happen I’ve got to look at the hand history and see what they meant with it, particularly when its on the flop or later. Same with checkraising, although that gets used less frequently. I almost never minraise so I don’t understand the thinking that goes with it. Checkraising for me is dependent on my read of the player and the cards so hopefully one can’t get a hard and fast read on me with it. And my preflop raises and later bets are based on the number of players in the pot and pot odds, rarely affected by my actual holdings.

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