Cautious Aggression

by PokerAnon ~ March 7th, 2010. Filed under: Fold equity, aggression and bluffing, Philosophy and approach, Poker aggression, Poker theory.

My new mantra. I don’t think it’s for everyone ’cause some people will interpret the “cautious” part as meaning “don’t bet without a strong hand”, but I think it’s good for someone like me that, on the one hands sometimes falls into a passive mode and alternatively starts to spew when I think that players are playing back at me, or when I guess that they’re playing at a level that they probably actually never thought of.

Cautious Aggression means things like:

  • Open raising shamelessly from late position, to put pressure on the blinds
  • 3 betting judiciously, especially in position
  • C-betting almost any flop heads up
  • Raising any c-bets on dry flops in position (heads up assumed), this includes blind-versus-blind play
  • Betting almost any flop in position that is checked (heads up assumed)

The “cautious” part means:

  • Folding most stuff that I can’t bring myself to raise from the small blind
  • Folding when a short stack raises, offers no implied odds and I don’t have a hand to shove over top of them
  • Folding when I meet resistance postflop, even to min-raises
  • Giving up early on small pots. Too many players seem to want to make a big deal out of small pots, especially ones that are limped preflop
  • Give up easily to 3 bets when I’m readless, especially since I’m raising so often with marginal hands from late position or with all pairs from any position
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