by ~ February 3rd, 2008. Filed under: Goals and plans, Poker aggression.

Just a quick note; I’m currently 12-4 ITMing the turbo SnGs. Oddly enough it’s even a better rate than the Fold/Bet/Raise exercise.

But I wanted to note for myself; the last game one player bluffed someone down to and including the river, then showed his bluff. Unusual at the levels that I’m playing as bluffs are usually big bets on a single street. Bad for me, as when we were 3 handed, I called his raise with 66. He overbet the flop and I shoved into his KK thinking he might have c-bet. That show of the bluff made me more likely to expect a c-bet, for whatever reason.

Something I want to keep in mind, for future reference.

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