Tale of two poker bloggers

by PokerAnon ~ June 13th, 2010. Filed under: Goals and plans, Philosophy and approach.

I was flipping though some poker blogs the other day.

In one I was left trying to figure out how good he is, though he wrote about recently moving up to the $1/$2 tables online. Later in the post he talks about having gone bankrupt before. Not personally bankrupt, but his poker bankroll, both his online version as well as his live poker version had gone bankrupt on a number of occasions. Then he compared his cashouts with his bankruptcies and “figures” he was still down a net of $1,800 or something. He continued on say every poker player has gone bankrupt. If they haven’t, then they’re lying. And poker players are known for their ability to lie. And minus $1,800 isn’t too bad for having played for seven years, so he believes.

This got me to wonder a bit. I don’t think I’m the only person in the world to deposit my own money in a pokersite only once. Every other poker deposit has been only after cashing out from somewhere else. And this is not a brag; like I said I don’t think that I’m that rare or unusual, but it just seems that this other blogger and I come from entirely different perspectives.

So I went back to his blog and read some earlier entries (he only has 5 or 6 total entries so far). He talks about playing the $1/$2 live tables and about a 14 hour casino session. He talks about building up his “stack” and no other mentions of bankroll. Talks about having taken $1 up to $575 once and then losing it.

So now I understand. He’s a gambler. In some posts he talks about some specific hands and he does know something about how to play, but he knows nothing about bankroll management. Elsewhere he talks about Chris Ferguson’s $10,000 from nothing experiment, and about hoping to play poker as a job by September of 2011.

Compare this with another newly started blog, where the author says he has a $1,000 bankroll, has deposited $600 on Full Tilt. He says that he’s played online before, made a living at it, but hasn’t played for a couple of years. He has a plan. 20 buyins for $50nl, 30 to go to $100, 40 for 200nl, 50 for higher. Has rakeback at Tilt, is looking to get the deposit bonus.

In his next blog post he talks about setting up his HUD, getting up to 6 tables comfortably, a losing day where he got in with sets more than once and didn’t even have the best hand.

I dunno if it’s just me, but I have higher hopes for poker blogger number two than for number one.

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