Hierarchy of weaknesses/errors

by ~ September 1st, 2009. Filed under: Weaknesses.

I can’t remember the last time I did this, so it’s probably time to do so again. I want to list what I feel are my weaknesses, the things that I would most like to remedy or that I think the elimination of which would improve my game the most.

I’ll try to put them in something resembling the highest to lowest.

s Trouble reading aggression, especially postflop. Are they bluffing? how strong are they? Are they smart enough to bet/raise strong draws? How likely are they to be inclined to slowplay? Or to chase draws?

Part of the problem with this one stems from playing various levels at various sites and having to adjust my concept of my opponents and how to play them. Another part comes from watching instructional videos against better players and misapplying the same thinking against lower levels, especially at smaller sites.

s Overestimate fold equity from weak players; especially when playing weak games

This leads to raises and bets that are called and then I’m not sure where I stand. Then pot control gets interpreted as weakness, or I get sucked out on when I do have a hand.

In some ways fold equity works differently when open betting or raising as opposed to raising an existing bet or call. Sometimes there is virtually no fold equity after a player has called or bet in front of you; once they put money in, they’re going to see the next card(s) (can you tell that I’ve been playing some $1 SnGs lately?).

s Try to “play through variance

Means longer sessions when I’ve started out down, often leading to bigger losses.

s Misread/misuse stats

There are visual issues as I keep changing the stats that I have displayed and the way that I display them. On top of this I sometimes interpret what it’s showing incorrectly in terms of predicting what is likely. Plus I don’t have real confidence in my ability to interpret the stats and to get a good concept of what they mean for me in a specific situation.

Sometimes I’ll also hope that someone is bluffing or that they’ll fold to aggression so I go looking in that stats for something that might back this up.

s Rush through decisions when mulitabling

Sometimes I may be autofolding to often or too fast, but more often in big pots or with big hands I think that I rush decisions, looking too much at just my hand or at one aspect of my opponent’s statistics and fixate. In general when I mulitable I get in a rhythm of sorts, and bigger hands require stepping outside of that fold/raise timing. I need to stop and request time, not only when I have to decide whether or not to fold, but also when I have to plan how much to bet to get the money in when I have a big hand.

Not too much I can do about it when I happen to get into more than one big hand on more than one table, but again this is something that doesn’t show up as much when I single table freerolls for example, while doing something else. There I have lots of time, lots of mental space, and as long as I don’t get frustrated, no pressure.

s Expecting to win every hand I choose to play

Too disappointed when I call with pairs or connectors and miss the flop, in spite of the fact that I know that these will only flop big on occasion. Partly this stems from it seeming like a long time since I’ve stacked someone with these, but it’s exacerbated by the frustration of playing bad players and the lower number of simultaneous tables that I’ve been playing in the past few months. This is the period where I moved the bulk of my playing away from Stars which is where I have almost all of my bankroll, so I’ve gone down in levels and decreased my mutitabling.

Also I have a hard time giving up with big cards where I raised preflop, get a caller and the caller gets aggressive postflop, likely with nothing but I have nothing either. This becomes exaggerated when I’m playing poor players and I see some of the bad plays.

Obv ties in with not understanding opponent aggression well

s Too much attachment to my poker persona

This is an old one but it still pops up. It manifests itself in a number of ways but the most obvious in recent play is when I have tight players to my left. In theory I’m supposed to “steal the blinds until they stop me” but I have a hard time continuing when my steal percentage gets past 60% or so. In contrast recently I had someone to my right who inevitably open raised from the button or small blind. Within the first six or seven times this happened I 3 bet twice and she promptly folded but this didn’t seem to make a difference as she continued to open raise when folded to until either she or I left the table, I can’t remember which. It’s a game, it’s theory, it’s what I think that I’m supposed to be doing, but it’s “impolite”, it’s aggressive. And it’s annoying when someone else does it to me so it would make sense that I’m hesitant to do the same. In this example I need to get to the point where it’s no longer “annoying” to me when someone does it, nor is it “impolite” when I do it to someone else. It is, just what it is.

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