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I hope that by maintaining and adding to this blog I don’t over-analyze too much and get to the point where it starts to impede my play (analysis-paralysis).

To look back at some general analysis: I used to play $10/25NL at my old site with a decent BB/100 rate. Back then I was using a “patience/protect good hands” attitude. I ran into problems as I started to add aggression; first with 3 betting QQ/JJ preflop, later a brief fling with LAG play at $25NL 9 max, then with situational aggression (blind steals, blind resteals). And I’ve made things more difficult by not staying at that site at that level but instead trying to build/rebuild bankrolls at two other sites where I don’t have the bankroll to play at an equivalent level, so I’ve stepped down in opponent quality.

Since then I’ve made some inroads at controlling the aggression flameouts by trying to be more patient, from the experiment which gives me more experience making laydowns, and by playing tight/passive/aggressive at tables where pf raises get little respect.

But, aggression, more so than bad calls, is where I lose money. (I’m probably also losing money with bad folds, but those are harder to see.)

  1. Aggression ==> lack of patience + arrogance for me
  2. When aggression is played back at me, the natural reaction is more aggression on my part
  3. I know that I’m better than most players I’m playing and I don’t believe them when they hit a hand. I’ve got to realize that quality of player has nothing to do with how often they get good hands.
  4. My bankroll has been stagnant for the past 4 months leading to frustration which increases my impatience.
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