$25nl 6max Zoom review

by PokerAnon ~ April 27th, 2014. Filed under: Poker theory, Rush/Zoom Poker.

Up to 7,600 hands now at $25nl Zoom. Time for some hand review in here.

One of the versions of hand review for me is to only pull out the largest big losses. So, here’s the ones over 80 bbs so far, in order of occurrence. I haven’t looked at them all yet.

So, first one, tiny 3bets drive me nuts. It happens less often at $25nl than it did at $10nl, but often what it meant was suited cards; A4s, J8s, so I want to get in preflop.

Another one that I remember as a stats conundrum. VPIP: 15, PFR: 15, though limited hands again. His post-flop aggression represents a tiny range, but he’s either stuck with AA/KK/QQ, or, I’m dead to TT.

Limited hands is an issue again; typical 15/15 players at 6 max don’t open raise 66. Still, because of his tightness, this is as close as I get to folding a set on the flop.

This one, I have the option to squeeze preflop with AQ from the small blind. But with 3 players in and the original raise coming from EP, I will raise JJ+ and AK, but I’m hesitant to do so with AQ.

On an Ace high two tone flop I’m not sure, but I like check-calling, donking the turn, which I do, but essentially we get committed on the turn.

This one I vaguely remember villain as LAG. Stats are VPIP: 45, PFR: 38, 3B: 33 though over 29 hands, so I think this is fine.

I did some analysis on this one earlier, though I didn’t post it in the blog.

Against a player that steals often, 3 betting A7s is fine. Unfortunately on the turn I catch two pair and he flopped a set.

The analysis I worked on earlier was looking at his set-mining implied odds. I learned something from this; I want to 3 bet larger than this with better hands to deny implied odds for set-mining, and smaller with hands that I should be able to fold postflop like A7s, although, in this case, with two pair on the turn it’s just a cooler.

So here I squeeze making it 2.50 to go, crappy implied odds for one caller, better if they both flat. Gross flop, but I’m not sure what hand range I put someone on who flats a steal and then calls again after a 3 bet.

This one begins as a straight steal attempt. Flop bet, turn bet are because I don’t expect to be losing here.

His river shove could be an underpair, another Q, sometimes KK/AA/JJ, but often a whole bunch of bluffs or Ace high. I need a lot of hands to read this much better

This is purely a trap gone bad. LAGgy player, steals often, I decide trapping is a good option, but he gets lucky.

Another player who calls 3bets with suited Aces.

I guess this and the other suited Ace calling a squeeze, combined with one of the previous posts indicates suited Aces are popular for calling, no matter what the action preflop.

Win rate is just over 4 bbs/100, so perfectly okay for this small of a sample. I’ll be working to bump it up a touch as I go along. VPIP is down, 3 bet is up, steal is down from $10nl, all very slight differences, but part of what my target is for this level.

I started by playing 3 instances but dropped it to 2 ’cause there were situations where I missed seeing some things. And, I still watch / listen to video while playing. Current viewing is the series “Hannibal”.

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