Hand Review: $25 full ring

by PokerAnon ~ September 7th, 2011. Filed under: Poker theory.

Post-Black Friday I’m trying to grind up my bankroll on PokerStars again after cashing down to $200. Most of my play has been at $25nl full ring.

I’ve actually included two hands here because the first hand weighs heavily into my actions in the second hand. In this first hand I open from the button with a standard hand to open.

When the big blind 3 bets, most of the time I fold here. Though I have position I don’t have a strong hand. If I know that my opponent 3 bets from the blind a lot I might consider calling or even 4 betting. Here I have not stats on my opponent so 9 times out of 10 I fold. This is that 1 time that I decide to call.

When he comes of firing on this flop, he could have an over pair, a one card flush draw, or a fairly wide range of hands. Again, with some history I can narrow that range. Again, without history, most of the time I fold. But this is another time that I decided to do the unusual and raise his flop bet.

His shove over my raise doesn’t tell me too much. He could have a big pair, but he also still could have a single flush draw or a made flush or a smaller pair. Regardless, I have nothing and fold.

Just a few hands later, same opponent, same table. Neither the opponent nor I have played any hands since the one above.

I flop a hand that has showdown value. There are some gutshot draws out there and weaker Aces that I can get value from so I bet the flop and he raises. I call because his raise could mean a number of things; a weaker hand that is testing to see if I have an Ace or not, a draw that wants to stop meet from betting the turn so that he can see the turn and river for cheap, or a hand that beats me like AK/A8/88. I don’t raise because some of these hands have me dominated and I’d just like to get to showdown relatively cheaply.

On the turn I check/fold to a known good or passive or tight player. But this is $25nl and 1) bad players can think that their A2 is still ahead, and 2) hyper-aggressive players can be trying to fold my Ace with their KQ or 77. I didn’t know much about this player, only what had transpired in the hand above. So I check/called the turn.

On the river AK becomes less likely for him as I have one Ace and one Ace and two Kings are on the board, leaving him only 4 combos of that, though a lot of KQ/KJ type of hands that beat me. 88 becomes more likely, but JJ/TT or even 77/66/55 are not out of the range of possibilities too if, especially if he’s one of those hyper-aggressive postflop players that are trying to get me to fold any Ace that I might hold.



In retrospect I think that I put too much faith in what happened in only one previous hand. Yes, my hand still has some showdown value on the river, but only against certain types of players who have a much wider range of hands in this situation. To some extent I think that I overvalued my hand but I think a larger portion of my mistake was to overvalue my guess as to his style and therefore his hand range based on not enough information.


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