Thoughts on my own learning process

by ~ October 9th, 2007. Filed under: General poker strategy.

I tend to be somewhat thick-headed when I’m learning something new. Basics are easy and if it’s something new to everyone then I’m usually ahead of the pack, but when working at becoming an expert at something it really takes a while for things to sink in to a deeper level. I need to work with things in different contexts and situations, and often have to step back and re-learn what I thought I learned earlier. It’s like manually growing a tree; any particular part of the root needs to go deeper but in order for this to happen I need to take it out, work with the soil and make the hole deeper and wider in order to replant the more developed root.

Or, the more standard metaphor is two steps forward, one step back, but I like the growing tree metaphor better because I visualize development, depth, increasing firmness in concept and growth in multiple areas all contributing to a broader, more balanced, more comprehensive understanding.

And because I am aware of this process I go back and re-read particularly useful books that I started out with as well as earlier entries/reminders that I’ve made for myself so I can revisit that thought process and make a little more room for the root to grow a little more.

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