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Notes for reference:

Started my new deposit and started working off the deposit bonus. Lost, lost, lost, down to a low of $78 or so. I think there’s too many bad players limp/calling making it necessary to wait for big hands, and then others I suspect overplay their marginal hands, especially on the flop, making it too expensive for me to draw. Then I get impatient with decent hands, losing as second best.

Changed to 6 max tables and am at 38 BB/100 or so. For some reason 6 max on this site allows me to play the way that I like to play; raising preflop almost every hand I play, stealing blinds and unclaimed pots, getting only 1 caller for raised pots instead of 2-4 so that I can c-bet, ect.

On these tables I am playing very much like I had been playing against the simulator. This is not exactly how simulator adviser advises, as I often raised instead of calling preflop, often raised in late position rather than folding preflop, and didn’t like their generous implied odds post flop and folded hands that they recommended calling, sometimes in spite of very good pot odds. I see no point calling when it’s pretty clear that I’m beaten even when the pot odds are good.


One other thing to note: I’m trying to control pot size, keeping in mind WA/WB and keeping pot size controlled when I have a marginal hand, but, I have to keep in mind that I have to keep charging if someone might be drawing. If I have TP with a decent kicker and a flush or straight draw doesn’t hit on the turn, I have to bet again in case the other person is still drawing. I can’t give them a free card if I think I’m ahead.

The problem arises if I’ve taken a positional stab at a checked pot or have a weak kicker. Do I keep betting to keep the pressure on, or check down to control pot size? If I check the problem arises that the other person may see that as weakness/an opportunity to take the pot away.

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