Index of poker book reviews

Here I’ve listed my takes on some of the poker books that I have read.

There are a lot of others that I’ve read through too, but most are forgettable, at least for my purposes (“How to win at Poker” by some unknown person, ect.)

If you are a beginner, I recommend 1) using your library as a resource, and 2) using the internet as a resource. Try my

or, other internet poker resources to help get you going.

I still remember when I was starting out and reading “Small Stakes Hold’em” and some other advanced books for the first time. The concepts made sense, but because I had only a few months worth of experience everything was still new to me and the ideas didn’t stick very well. There was no way I could retain the information and then apply the correct approach when the exact situation arose. Internet players like myself have logged tens of thousands of hands and gradually concepts will start to match situations over time. Unless you have a good teacher standing over you and explaining things constantly it will just take a lot of time/playing before things will start to stick.

On the other hand getting books from the library has no cost (unless you are prone to collecting overdue charges), or if you get a good book that is beyond your level you can alway re-read it after you gain some more experience.

Anyway, here are my thoughts. There were some other decent beginner books, plus a lot of bad beginner books, but I’ve forgotten about them as they were one-time reads that didn’t stick with me.


Beginner: (not limited in use to beginners, but understandable for beginners)


Intermediate/Advanced (probably best left until you have some experience)

I’ve probably read 40 or 50 other books too, so if you have a question about one that’s not listed here, just ask in the comment section.

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