by PokerAnon ~ March 11th, 2014. Filed under: Micro level poker, Rush/Zoom Poker.

A few hands into trying out Full Tilt.

It’s moving slower than on Stars. I’m only playing 2 instances rather than 4, partly because Tilt seems to lag more than Stars, partly because I’m now watching Game of Thrones instead of House, and I need to pay a little more attention because, unlike House, I haven’t seen every episode at least twice already.

I think I’m adjusting.

10nl Rush


One thing that’s nice is I seem to be tightening up slightly, raising less, calling less, cbetting less.

Odd how little I’m losing from the BB at this point. Also odd that my winnings from all the other positions is too even, not slanted heavily to later positions as it should be.

It’s likely that I’ll stay focused here for the rest of March, then decide what to do, when to move to $25nl.

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