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by ~ February 6th, 2008. Filed under: Goals and plans, Micro level poker.

Hmmm, sometimes I can’t stop posting.

Odd change in my $1 turbo SnG project. Where originally I was noting that I was ITMing 70% of the time but finishing 2nd a lot, in the last 8 I’ve only ITMed 4 times but won all of those 4. I don’t know if that means a change in my play (possible, at least on a slight adjustment level), change in the players (possible, they are running a special bonus offer right now), or just variance. Of the three that I played last night the first two were unusually tight, with almost no one gone by the time the blinds were 100 (starting stacks of 1,500). Unfortunately I was card dead in the second one but loosened up earlier in the third with better cards.

If it is the site bonus that is affecting things, that would mean players with not much money are playing but are playing scared. The bonus runs for another week, but SnGs really don’t count for very much towards collecting the bonus so I don’t think that it’s worthwhile for people to be playing these if that’s their goal, but they probably don’t realize that. If I play in the next few days I should keep an eye out for tight tables and be ready to get more active earlier.

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  1. nwlimited

    I don’t much play poker. Happened on your blog randomly, but I find it interesting.

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