Christmas fish at the poker tables

by ~ December 28th, 2008. Filed under: Micro level poker, Short stack poker.

Just a short note, interupting my “fold equity” series of thoughts.

At this time of year the activity levels of online poker sites goes up substantially. College and university students are out of school and others have time off work for the holiday season.

The really casual casual players are out in force, meaning more weak players at pretty much all levels of play. This is the time of year where if you really want to grind your bankroll up, get out there and play lots.

I’m in a house with relatives, including kids, and multiple televisions going constantly. Plus we’re sharing a throttled down internet connection. So I opt to short stack four-$25 no limit holdem poker tables to play a bit.

First hand at this table. What the heck is he calling the flop bet for? I guess the donk bets means he has something better than a paired Q or J which is probably what he assumes that I hold, but his stats were something like 70/8 by the time I left the table so the bad play in this hand is not an anomaly.

Or this hand at another one of the tables. Both the blinds were loose so it’s not the best time to try to steal the blinds, but I decide to take a shot anyway. The flop is great for c-betting, but he calls the 2/3 pot bet. It’s unlikely that the turn helped him and the flush draw is still there so I fire a second bullet, maybe slightly on the smallish side but I’m playing short stacked.

On the river I just check figuring he must have a pocket pair that he’s not giving up on and it’s time to stop my loss.

Even if he caught his hand, I’m playing short stacked so I’m offering little in the way of implied odds. If you’re him, just fold preflop, or as a second choice 3-bet me if you think I’m raising light. Don’t call with a drawing hand when you’re playing a short stack because they don’t give you any implied odds.

There was one, if not more than one, easily identifiable bad player at every table. So get out there and earn some poker winnings.

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2 Responses to Christmas fish at the poker tables

  1. Poker Farce

    I’ll admitt I was a fish in the pool this last week. It’s not that I’m a bad player, I just don’t care. I think I was almost the first person knocked out of the Pstars’ 35K person tournament.

  2. PokerAnon

    That’s the one where they were trying for a world record size, right? I thought about playing that one but I wasn’t sure if I’d be travelling that day or not.

    I think most of us play when we know that we’re playing suboptimally sometimes, and I think there’s nothing wrong with that, as long as we don’t spew off too much. One friend who normally multi tables $50/$100 NL tables likes to sit at $10 tables when he’s drunk and invite others that he knows to have some fun and take some of his money. Because it’s only a $10 table it doesn’t make a dent in his bankroll since he’s rolled for $100 tables.

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