Controlling Zoom Tilt

by PokerAnon ~ March 29th, 2013. Filed under: Goals and plans, Micro level poker, Poker aggression, Poker theory, Rush/Zoom Poker.

After thinking that I figured out how to manage my Zoom Tilt, I played another 18,000 hands or so of 0.01/0.02 PLO.

PLO Zoom - laterHad a nice run up, then fell off. But by the time I got around 18,000 hands again I had recovered.

So, next project; take the learning to another level. But PLO is still a challenge for me. I found this out by going to NLHE and by contrast it felt like a holiday. 4 instances of Zoom, but half as many hole cards to look at. Easy peasy.

So the new project is going to be NLHE Zoom, to see if I can maintain winning, rather than the up swing followed by the inevitable downswing.

Introductory results:

10NL ZoomI was going to target $100, but I think the 18,000 hand target is better. Win rate of 8.96 right now, which is nothing special, though, because I can play 1,000 hands an hour, that doesn’t take too long either. I’ll be happy with that as an ending win rate. And, I’ll be happy being able to manage my Zoom Tilt so that I can actually play it.

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