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by ~ February 5th, 2008. Filed under: Goals and plans, Micro level poker, Personal key entries, Project: bet, raise, or fold.

I’m realizing how much I don’t like to lose. Back to the Islewars entry, I liked playing at a level where I won 60% of the time. Win too often and it’s no challenge and boring. Win too infrequently and it can be frustrating and pointless. That’s an oversimplification of course, especially if used too generally. Ask a college football player and they’d love to play for the Patriots, but most would also be happy playing for San Francisco, just to be playing. And of course it can be good to challenge oneself and play harder levels where you win less often, just to develop your skills. As a poker player though, you have to manage your bankroll. An athlete can try to always play with players who are better than themselves, but a poker player will go broke trying to do this all the time.

Right now I’m having most of my poker fun playing my $1 Turbo SnG project. 24 of 40 done, ITM 17 times; a 71% win rate. Cost including rake of $30.00, profit so far $22.20. In other words for every $1.25 it costs to play, I average 0.95 profit.

It will be interesting to compare to the Bet/Raise/Fold exercise when it’s all done. The differences will be 1) real money verses play money, 2) no restriction of actions, 3) turbo verses regular, and 4) site. So far the most interesting aspect is that I’ve already ITMed 17 times in 24, whereas the earlier experiment I only ITMed 20 out of 39 times so I’m actually finishing in the money more often I did with the play money experiment.


Having said that, I wonder how many beginners would read that and think, hey, I’m a winning player at play money. This means that I can win even more with real money!

In my opinion this is not a correct conclusion to draw because the first 3 differences are big. “2) restriction of actions” in particular meant that I was playing handcuffed in the Bet/raise/fold experiment. I have poker skills beyond what I was using in the play money project, and I am allowed to use them in my current project. A play money player who can match my play money results won’t get the same results that I’m getting in the $1 project. If you read this and plan to try anyways, please leave me a comment and let me know.

I’m somewhat curious as to the degree that turbo/non-turbo is a factor as well, but I don’t have the time/patience to play a regular length SnGs these days. I’m pretty sure that the pressure of the turbo blinds causes problems. People probably panic after a few orbits if they’re down a bit, and I’m pretty sure some of the weak, weak play I’ve seen when the blinds go up is due to lack of understanding. Last game SB limped AJ into my BB when the table was 4-5 handed and the blinds were high. Later HU he did the same thing. Mind you, he’s -$128 after 101 games.

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