Early results: 4 tabling 20 BB buyins

by ~ July 18th, 2008. Filed under: Micro level poker, Short stack poker.

* Modified August 8th, 2008 *

Definitely too early to draw conclusions, but nice stats nevertheless. Four sessions, the last one on Stars a “double” session as I closed all 4 tables and started 4 others. All “4” sessions on PokerStars only something over 50 hands as a function of my “hit and run” approach, leaving when I stack up and can no longer use the short stack approach or I haven’t hit a hand and my tightness might cause reluctance to get in with me when I raise.


  • Hands: 296
  • bb/100: 48.92 = 24.48 BB/100
  • VP$IP: 13.5
  • PFR%: 6.8
  • 3Bet%: 9.7
  • WTSD%: 34.9
  • W$SD: 66.7
  • Agg: 8.67
  • Agg%: 29.4

and Full Tilt:

  • Hands: 93
  • bb/100: 28.17 = 14.08 BB/100
  • VP$IP:11.8
  • PFR%:6.5
  • 3Bet%:2.7
  • WTSD: 33.3
  • W$SD: 100
  • Agg: 1.00
  • Agg%: 11.8

Basically a short stacking aggressive nit. Got lucky on a couple (limped 88 on a 976 board, bet, got CR, shoved over 2 pair that was slowplayed and hit 5) but also unlucky (AA loses to KK when a K flops). Decisions are pretty easy since at most I make 2; preflop and sometimes on the flop. Though last session I checked TT on a AQ9 board because I had 2 callers, shoved the turn since no one bet and got called by K6s who had the river left to fill the runner-runner flush or a K and missed.

Over time the BB/100 and W$SD should drop into more normal ranges, but hopefully I can keep the VP$IP, PFR and 3Bet rates close to where they are now as that tight, tight aggression combined with underestimation or frustration from my opponents is what will keep me up.

My unopened late position range is still pretty wide unless I’ve got loose players in the blinds. Any aces, any pair or two high cards are still fine for raising from late if it’s unopened but I do need to make sure that it’s at least 4 BBs to pressure the blinds to fold. Plus the more I raise preflop, the worse implied odds I give because of my short stack.

One other key: leave the table after 3 or 4 orbits. I don’t want to rebuy after the blinds because I don’t want to give clues that I might know what I’m doing, plus the smaller stack actually is easier to play because I can be freer to shove over raises. After a few orbits I’ve either won, (time to leave) or been chipped down without playing. If I’ve been chipped down because I haven’t played then I think I give too much information out about what I’m doing.

The short stack does seem to encourage people to play poorly. Or maybe they always play poorly and my short stack makes it easier for them to do so.

Why is it working so much better than my last attempt 6 months ago? Because 1) I’m doing this at $25NL where I understand the players a little better than the wierd players at $10NL at Tilt, and 2) I have the super turbo experience. I’ve learned to play nittier preflop and toss medium/small pairs and connectors because I don’t have implied odds to be playing these hands.

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