Knowing your opponents, in general

by ~ October 30th, 2007. Filed under: General poker strategy, Micro level poker, Philosophy and approach.

I remember making the comment “at the levels I play” on the forum somewhere, long ago when I was consistently focusing on one level of ring. In doing so, I was acknowledging that this may not be an optimal / expected play, but I had seen players do this at my tables. I’m not sure that I can make this kind of statement anymore.

What that points up is that I don’t know the general play and types and styles of players at the tables that I have been playing lately. And maybe this is due to the fact that I have been playing $25NL and $2 SnGs at one site, play money and $1 SnGs at another site, freerolls and $1 SnGs at another site, and occasional $10 or $20 6 max ring at another site. Months ago when I made that comment I was playing either $10NL or $25NL at my old site almost exclusively, with only occasional forays into the other sites.


As an example, I finally re-realized that at the limpy SnG levels that I play at, limp means they are attached to their hand. Raise means they’re really attached to their hand, and this applies even more so if they are a big stack; if they’ve put money in, unless you can threaten them with a big stack yourself, they’re calling. I made this mistake more than once lately, facing a big stack raise from the button when in the BB, pushed my A8s thinking I could get him off, but he called with KQ or something and won. Unless I know he’s actually using his stack to bully, I shouldn’t just assume that is what his move represents.

Another time, again in the BB with an Ace, button limped and SB completed. I pushed, with about 10 BBs thinking that the button can’t call that with his 12 BBs, but he did, having limped with 99 or something.

In other words, limper/raisers might not fold at these levels, so it’s good to raise/reraise with AK/mid pairs and up, but don’t try to push apparent weakness/button raises off without a hand.

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