Moving to Full Tilt

by PokerAnon ~ March 9th, 2014. Filed under: Micro level poker, Rush/Zoom Poker.

Taking my $10nl 6 max Zoom game to Rush at Tilt for comparison.

It’s bad. I have to downgrade my game to adjust for the play.

This one I post for the preflop action. An open limper, I raise, get flatted, then min-raised before it comes back to the open limper, who, with great pot odds, though I may raise again, folds. After a checked flop, note the wonderful min-bet, followed by a lovely min-raise of the min bet.

Next, a brilliant donk on the flop. Then note the bet for value on the river.

And a final check-raise on a flop, with an under pair, with two overcards.

I post these three hands because they took place within 30 hands of each other.

Along with these, there are countless min or undersized 3bets or min-raises or limp-raise of raises. And, like any level of bad play, any play is potentially a huge undervalue out of fear, or to make sure you call, or a huge overvalue of bottom pair on a flop.

I haven’t played lower levels at Zoom so I can’t compare or say that it’s like X level of Zoom, but it is going to require some adjusting.

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