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by ~ June 24th, 2008. Filed under: Super turbos.

* Modified June 15th, 2010 *

Just some more reminder/notes for myself for the super turbos on Full Tilt.


  • usually, but not always, 1 – 2 LAGs trying to stack up early or bust
  • usually 3-4 tight/weak players wanting to limp with crap to medium pairs/big cards
    • about half the time they will call a shove with their crap, as well as with their mid pairs/big cards, so there is no guarantee of fold equity
    • these players seem to often be calling stations if they stack up
    • some of these continue to try to play postflop, sometimes very aggressive postflop after being weak preflop, especially if a big stack and deciding to buy every pot (check/raise them with goods)
  • sometimes there is one very tight player who plays nothing until he has to shove. May also be just regular TAG who is on a bad run of cards/situations
  • some players after being very active and stacking up early go inactive, trying to coast ITM
    • other players after stacking up become very active, raise/shoving every other hand


  • HU players sometimes think they see patterns, ie. I shoved the first 2 times from the SB and then just complete, the player shoved his Q3o thinking I won’t call or he’s ahead
    • usually I’m mixing it up, although I’m still hesitant to shove crap and usually I slowplay AA/KK
  • Watch the bubble! Don’t risk getting involved even with a decent hand if there’s someone even shorter than you soon to go out! If two players are already involved in a hand on the bubble I fold almost everything, definitely if it’s a hand that is raised preflop.
  • on the other hand, because of the blind structure and the chip shortage (300 x 9 players means only 2,700 chips available in total) I’ve seen players with less than a full blind on the bubble come back. Two or three hands that hold up and they’re right back into it. So don’t automatically write off someone with less than a BB.
  • because of the chip shortage, playing with 5 BBs or even less is not “any two cards” situation. It is pretty funny when players try to play postflop with no chips though.
  • “obvious” min-raises by me with AA/KK do not seem to be noticed and players happily fall into the trap, even late. Only HU do I notice it failing.
  • If I get a stack I can start to bet-size my PFRs; small enough that I can fold if a big stack shoves, large enough that small stacks have to/should shove/fold.
  • The only reason to raise instead of shoving is to either 1) be able to fold to a shove from a big stack, or 2) to encourage action, either because I have a monster or because I want to encourage a short stack in the blinds to shove.

My cards:

  • TT+ I’m usually prepared to “die”. I’m shoving, calling shoves, and occasionally underplaying AA/KK to try to get action
  • AK/AQ in the early rounds I’m still undecided. In late position unopened it’s a shove (as opposed to A-rag or two big cards which might be a raise/fold), but I don’t know if it’s a shove or a raise/fold or raise/call shove. I usually won’t call open shoves ahead of me in the early rounds. The strength of AK is preflop, and it’s coin-flip or domination status post-flop. If I’m in a call situation, fold equity/first-in-vig is gone and we’re on to post-flop value. The thing is, I don’t know that I want to get into coin-flips in the early rounds since I believe that I can outsurvive/outplay the other players if I can get to the later blinds and still have some chips. Mid-late rounds obv shove/call.
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