Super turbos dried up

by ~ July 21st, 2008. Filed under: Short stack poker, Super turbos.

* Modified August 8th, 2008 *

My super turbo play and short stack ring tests have been intermingled, but I thought that I should do a separate entry for this to signal an end.

I think that the super turbos have only been around for a few months but it’s looking like they are drying up as an easy source of winnings. My results have been flat for some time, bringing down my overall ROI on them. On one hand it would make sense that players would find them and quickly come up with an optimal strategy for winning, but on the other hand there should still be enough players who play them badly to feed them, but for whatever reason or combination of reasons my strategy is sputtering.

It used to be that I would play tight, wait for players to donk each other out, then by the time we got to the third orbit we’d be down close to the bubble and I would start shoving and picking up blinds.

What’s been happening more and more now is that I’m losing my first-in vig and folding hands that I would otherwise shove because other players are raising more often. There was one where I never even played a hand because of the combination of bad cards/bad timing, then bubble.

Other players besides myself are playing more aggressively, and ones that stack up are more often playing big stack strategy (raising every other hand and calling pot odds shoves) than before, while I’m still playing the old wait and steal blinds strategy which by itself doesn’t fare as well.

I’ve tried a bit to play at different times of the day but I’ve become gun-shy as well, so that even on a day that I’ve run well I stop after just a few.

I still play them once in a while. It helps me to keep my short stack game in focus, but the days of easy wait’n-shove seem to be done.


Later edit:

Well, maybe it didn’t dry up, but time of day seems to be a big variable. Evenings during the week seem to be much tougher than earlier in the day or weekends during the day. The indicators for me seem to be tables that either play weak (lots of limping early) or very tight.

The ones I have difficulty with are ones that play aggressive from beginning to end without fast donk-outs, taking away my first-in vig and making it tough for me to call.

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