Remembering how to play $10nl

by PokerAnon ~ January 9th, 2012. Filed under: Micro level poker, Philosophy and approach, Poker theory.

I noted in my Daily Grind that I felt as if I’ve forgotten how to play $10nl, especially 6 max. I want to spend some time in here going over some of the things that I seem to have forgotten how to adjust for.

Players call 1, 2, even 3 streets with any pair, and call and chase with any suited cards, gutshot draws, under straights
– Bet for value with top pair or overpairs
– Don’t fire multiple barrels without equity
– But fold to aggression, especially from passive players
– Keep them on a wide hand range as you evaluate their possible holdings

Players can’t read board texture
– Don’t bluff wet boards
– Get value when holding two pair or better as the board won’t scare them

Players don’t understand pot control and interpret it as weakness
– Be ready to call some bluffs
– Checking a street can really open up their calling and betting range, especially if they have any aggression in their game

Players see overpairs and TP as the stone cold nuts
– Bet for maximum value with two pair and better

And I need to take time to evaluate. I make insta-decisions in a lot of cases but those insta-decisions are based on more experienced opponents. In particular I’m missing value where I could be betting more or where I should be folding when I’ve been outdrawn.


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