Back at Stars, still winning

by PokerAnon ~ April 18th, 2014. Filed under: Rush/Zoom Poker.

Time for an update.

After about a month mostly on Full Tilt, playing only two instances (while watching programs on my computer) and running pretty much flat, I’ve moved back to Stars again, four instances, while re-watching episodes of “House”.


Good day today contributes to the win rate,


So now I don’t know when to look at moving up. It’s nice to come back, after a month kind of away. It’s nice to run so good as well, though I’ve been back for a little while, and the previous two sessions were (slightly) down, but the win rate has been moving up. I don’t know how far it could go, and I am aware of some frustration with the amounts (I guess I’m just a $25 player at heart), but now I feel comfortable.

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