The unpredictability of Zoom (Rush) Poker

by PokerAnon ~ February 9th, 2014. Filed under: Rush/Zoom Poker.

The toughest aspect of quick-fold poker like Zoom, Rush or their equivalents on other sites, is not knowing enough about how your opponent plays.

Here I flat an UTG raise from a TAG; 24/19, 1.7. My plan is to call flop with any pair or draw, possibly bet if checked to. But KQ is one of Brunson’s ‘trouble hands’ for a reason; it’s dominated by AK or AQ on a K or Q high flop, so I have to be careful how deep I go if I get only a pair.

When he bets all three streets, and large on the river, I expect to be losing to AK/AA much of the time.

But I make the call anyway.

Next hand, I get 3 bet from the blinds by a 20/14/2.0. This is very similar to the previous hand because players at this level 3 bet all kinds of garbage; suited connectors, any Ace, a suited King. This guy 3 bets steals at 14% and 3 bets generally 17% so I don’t think he has absolute garbage, otherwise I would test him by 4 betting.

This time I actually feel more comfortable with my hand when I call the river bet than the previous one, probably because of his 14% 3bet steal stat, meaning that he doesn’t have to have a premier hand preflop, especially if he has a HUD and sees my steal percentage.

All of these stats are of marginal accuracy since I only have 200 hands on the first guy and 50 on the second. Yet I was surprised that the first fires 3 barrels with 22, and that the other had a hand as good as AA. In both cases if I were them I probably slow down after two bullets because the board hits my range much more than theirs, especially in the first where he only has an underpair. What hands call that you’re beating, what hands fold that are ahead of you? I almost folded the first, but that’s a narrow range, and I called the second, but again there are a lot of hands when the flush completes that you’re losing to.

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