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by PokerAnon ~ July 2nd, 2010. Filed under: Micro level poker, Philosophy and approach, Rush/Zoom Poker, Super turbos.

Here’s a weird game that I’ve never noticed before. It was probably always there and I never saw it.

On Full Tilt for 5 FTP points you can play a 180 seat Rush Poker tournament in Super Turbo format. Super Turbo means that you start with 300 chips and the blinds are 15/30. Rush means that you can quick fold and go to a new table right away.  Freeroll for only 5 FTP points means the play is awful.

But it’s pretty darn fun, for a while anyway. At the beginning I quick fold as fast as I can to get in as many hands looking to get in when I’m likely ahead, then when I get ahead I can shove even more often. Eventually the leaders get ahead of the blind sizes and you get to the point where you can just raise normally because people have 20-40 big blinds, or if they have less, they’re irrelevant anyway.

There seems to be a bit of lag in the game; there are a lot of moments where I quick fold but I still sit at the table for a while watching others fold or play, and a lot of times where I quick fold and then sit at an empty table for a couple of seconds. I don’t recall this happening in the Rush MTT that I played, but then I only tried that one once.

It only takes like 20 minutes to get to the final table. The prize is 2 seats to some other tournament that I don’t even understand (Tilt likes to give different type of tournaments names and I don’t know if I’d play if I won), but the final table can be painful. That’s when the freeroll play starts to reveal itself, and the players take forever just to fold. Meanwhile the blinds are still turboing up and there’s no other table to quick fold to.


Then I tried an alternative strategy; once the stacks start to rise, start to play more normally, raising 3x with worthwhile hands and stealing from late position, even earlier than I had tried in the first session. The trade off is that you don’t get as many hands in, but on the other hand because it’s a freeroll the play is still awful and you can get paid off, as long as you can also fold to a bad missed flop.

After a second session of it I started to get a headache. 🙂

I’d still like to fool around with it for a while. I don’t see an equivalent real money tournament to try. And since it only costs 5 FTP points it could take a while to use up a few thousand FTPs.


Well, a third session, and the freeroll thinking becomes more and more prevalent. Things like 6 handed with 12 runners left, open limp from UTG, I’m in the BB, SB completes, flop comes J high and I have a J so I bet 2/3 pot, UTG calls, turn is an overcard which goes check/check, UTG with  62s rivers the flush. ATM I still find this to be an interesting game so I’m still working on a good strategy. Unfortunately it has to include a lot of freeroll adjustment to the strategy.

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