Short stack update

by ~ August 8th, 2008. Filed under: Short stack poker.

Short stack update:

  • Hands: 2200
  • VP$IP: 11.7
  • PFR: 7.0
  • 3Bet: 3.6
  • bb/100: 26.77 = 13.38 BB/100
  • W$SD: 62.5
  • Agg: 5.30
  • Agg%: 27.7

Everything is slightly down from the early stats, which is to be expected as I was aware that I had hit quite a few strong hands during that early run. What surprises me at this point is how high the BB/100 rate still is, as well as the W$SD rate. The win rate is still well above what is supposed to be sustainable, but mind you I’m still running this at $25NL.

18 sessions now, all basically 4 tabling and leaving tables after stacking up. A couple of nice hands on the last orbit on the way out, but I still don’t want to stick around with too much on a table as that requires a different playing strategy and I’d rather just focus on short stacking. Out of the 18 sessions only 4 were down overall. When I did the stats last time I had had 8 winning sessions in a row, and since then it’s been 2 winning sessions for each losing session.

The win rate has been consistently so high that I begin to wonder, why even play full stack? I’m calculating this on BB/100 or bb/100 so it’s relative to the blind size and has nothing to do with the buy-ins I’m using. I don’t think I had this kind of a rate over any length of time in my previous full stack grinding periods.

I don’t know how I found the time to grind an hour every day last year when I was chasing my deposit bonus. These 18 sessions have been averaging only 40 minutes a session and I’m only getting in two or three a week. Mind you, there are some tournies, SnGs and some PLO mixed in and claiming some of my pokering time these daysl. And my computer was in a more private area making it easier to not be distracted.


On another topic, a friend of mine just achieved Supernova Elite on PokerStars, meaning his FPP mulitplier is now 400%. He plays 16-24 tables of $200 or $100 NL with a win rate of 1 BB/100 and is happy with that because he’s earning big bonuses with his FPPs. Great for him, though I can’t see myself ever playing that much.

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2 Responses to Short stack update

  1. Mike

    I’ve recently discovered your blog. I enjoy it alot. It’s kinda what I’ve been looking for to help my learning, more about the meta part of poker. Keep up the good work.

  2. PokerAnon

    Thanks Mike. I’m glad you find something of value in it. I know it’s been a help to me to let me work through some things.

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