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by ~ March 4th, 2008. Filed under: Personal key entries, Project: bet, raise, or fold, Weaknesses.

Preflop you have 3 choices. In order of preference, Bet (or raise/reraise)/Fold/Call. Check also in the BB. Post flop you may also get the option of checking.

I’d like to categorize my errors/misplays, structured by what I did instead of what I should have done, and then when this misplay tends to happen for me.


  • Call; should Fold
    • getting pot odds in the SB (gotta consider playablity of the hand)
    • calling behind limpers (not sure if I do this inappropriately or not)
  • Call; should Raise
    • raising hand in late position
      • but not if they are limp/callers
      • maybe suited connectors/pairs are better for raising against limp/callers?
      • With better than average hand in a blind battle
        • Ed Miller says raise crap hands, especially when limped to in the blinds because they have no flop value
    • Folding; should Raise
      • when against weak limpers who will fold
    • Raise; should Fold
      • rare, I think. Possibly blind steal against loose or aggressive blinds


    • Call; should Fold/Raise
      • weak bet at flop w/no strong draws for me
      • weak draw, stabby or weak opponent
    • Check Flop; should Bet
      • positional stab at pot that no one is interested in, especially with flush draw (too obvious to get money later) or gut shot or underpair (unlikely to hit)
      • decent draw OOP; acts as blocking bet or could win immediately
    • Check Turn; should Bet
      • Trying to keep pot small with a marginal hand, but playing against aggressive or non-thinking players
      • Forget to bet when a flush/straight draw on table
        • even if not drawy board, may have 2 pair draw
    • Bet/Bet; should Bet/Fold
      • stabbing at middle/bottom pair; should fold if unimproved
    • Bet or Raise; should Fold
      • marginal hand when the opponent is not weak/tight
      • low stacks
      • against calling station and without good hand
      • against an aggressive player who will challenge/reraise
    • Check raised
      • I think this is only good for pot building against most of my opponents

    Obviously these patterns are geared towards the level of players that I usually play against these days, but it can carry on. For example, in the forum tournaments I made a few weak plays in some of these categories, like limping an otherwise raiseable hand behind a limp or throwing away a raiseable late position hand.

    I think overall the errors tend to be calling errors where I’ll call preflop or flop/turn bets when instead I should be mostly folding and sometimes raising. (Seems funny to say that. That’s exactly a Dan Harrington statment, one that I understand, but one that makes so much sense to actually write in this situation) Less frequently the error will be over aggression and I’ll bet/shove against calling stations or when I’m behind and I don’t believe that my opponent has something, but these result in more spectacular crash and burns. The calling errors result in more frequent but smaller chip leaks, as well as more difficult decisions later.

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