Move the experiment to real money?

by ~ October 22nd, 2007. Filed under: Goals and plans, Poker aggression, Project: bet, raise, or fold.

* Modified June 15th, 2010 *

After 2 1/2 weeks of the bet/fold experiment, it may be time to move it to real money. It’s getting a little silly; I started with ~200,000 in play money (from back in the days before I made my first deposit), played 10,000, then 25,000, now 50,000 buy in SnGs and the play money bankroll is now up over 800,000. I like to kind of “keep in shape” with it by continuing to play this way to keep me playing that style and remind me of the things that it reinforces, but it just seems kind of silly to keep doing it with the play money bankroll getting out of control. I suspect part of the reason that Isabelle Mercier suggests using the strategy with freerolls is because the interview that she was doing was as a Pro at a .net site, the play money/advertising arm for the .com version.

Playing cheap real money SnGs this way shouldn’t hurt the bankroll too much, and PokerTracker should help me keep that play separate from any other playing that I do so that I can kind of keep track of it separately. Hopefully the play at the cheap SnGs isn’t so bad that the players don’t understand raises, which is what happened when I tried the 2,000 play money buy in once or twice.

I should pull my stats on this before I quit. I suspect that I’ve ITMed around 50% of the time, but I’d be interested to see what my VP$IP is at various blind levels. My guess would be 4% at 20, 5% at 30, 7% at 50, 10% at 100, 15% at 150, 22% at 200, at least cumulatively, all with the same percentage for PFR.

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