Why can’t I make laydowns?

by ~ October 3rd, 2007. Filed under: General poker strategy, Poker aggression, Project: bet, raise, or fold, Weaknesses.

This is the second aspect that was highlighted for me with the bet/raise/fold experiment. I have difficultly making laydowns.

This is more difficult when you can’t call. If I get raised, I have to reraise/fold, so I either give up now or up the ante. I don’t want to make bad poker plays, so I’m not min-raising either so if I’m 4-betting it’s all going in. It’s now even easier to be over-aggressive when getting bet at.

In theory, I should be folding what percentage of time, assuming that I am not allowed to call? Is 50% reasonable? The other players are generally less experienced than I, probably slightly less aggressive overall (this is play money where the experiment is taking place, but not at the lowest level of play), but they have the option of calling, so if they’re still raising, either they’re pretty sure they have a winning hand, or if it’s later and I’ve been raising, they’re playing back at me. So far in my minimal testing I’ve not folded except to flop bets where I’ve missed. If I want to play I have to reraise. I haven’t folded to a 3 bet yet, and lost both times.

Does this imply that I should be folding to reraises most of the time, since they could call and chose not to do so? I’m making reraises myself because it’s the only way to continue the hand, but if they don’t flat call then they really like their hand.

In the world of real poker I know that my inability to lay down is connected with a desire to never appear weak. Historically if I’m up against a good aggressive player I can’t lay down because I think that they are just pushing me around. Nowadays if I raise preflop, catch a piece of the flop, I’m getting stacked when someone catches a set or two pair ’cause I just don’t have enough respect for the players I’m playing against to lay my hand down.

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