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by PokerAnon ~ January 13th, 2014. Filed under: Basics of poker.

I’m back. At least writing. I never left poker entirely.

But I’ve had a lot of other things going on, and poker still, since Black Friday and even though I’m not American, lost some attraction for me. Being on the west coast of Canada I lost most of the volume of fish that played during my free time.

Just after the new year (Happy New Year) I decided to try another project. Zoom is so convenient for me, but so frustrating because of the lack of quality reads and because I tilt easily. I’ve tried numerous Zoom projects, the most recent being some low level PLO, but I haven’t tried 6 max. So that’s what I’m doing.

Zoom Challenge

My results to date, in the handy dandy HEM graph export format. Sorry it’s oversized, but if you click on it you can view it, and shrunk to fit it’s hard to read.

Mind you, the details are irrelevant. Even the results are statistically irrelevant, but I have to be happy that I pulled out of the dive that always follows the opening upswing.

I often start a session too wide and I try to pull back. Overall I’m 29/23, steal of 59, which is fine, I think. Two stats I’m working on are my 3 bet of 3.4 and cbet of 82.6. But at $10NL too many fish flat the 3bets or spazz and shove their short stacks over top. And because I steal so wide I tend to cbet too often because my range is so weak. In other words, I miss the flop so badly when called that I cbet out of desperation. I need to give up the flop more often since I’m only getting folds 52% of the time and bet the turn.

Another 10-20,000 more hands and if I still feel okay with my game and tilt management I’ll move up to $25NL

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