Should I move up to avoid the bad players? Part I

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You hear it over and over again;

  • “I can’t stand the suckouts”
  • “I hate the donks that chase and hit on the river”
  • “I can’t beat these awful players”
  • “He calls my AA with xx and flops a full house”
  • “The site is rigged in favor of bad players to keep them playing”

And finally;

  • “Should I move up to avoid the bad players?”

This question gets asked over and over again in discussion forums, particularly by beginners having difficulty playing $1 Sit and Goes or 0.01/0.02 cash games; “Should I move up to avoid the donks?

Honestly, unless you are a player that has already been through the process of working your way up, like maybe you’re starting a new bankroll on a second site as an example, then the answer to the question is no, because you need to learn how to work your way through, especially if you don’t have a 20-30 cash table buy in bankroll that can sustain downswings. If you have been through the process before on another site or before cashing out, then you know the answer yourself whether or not you can handle the variance.

The standard points to consider:

1) We win our money from worse players.

  • The old saying goes, ” if you can’t spot the fish at the table, it’s you“. We all need to be playing against worse players in order to profit

2) If you can’t beat the worst players, can you really expect to beat the better players?

  • A good player expects his win rate to decrease as he moves up in levels, but he hopes that the increased dollar amounts of the pots offsets the decreased rate at which he wins.

And then some more general considerations that may be relevant if you consider moving up in levels:

1) Variance is a huge factor in poker. You need a bankroll to keep you afloat during downswings. And some tilt-resistant experience.

2) Playing with scared money will cost you money.

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