Sticking your neck out

by PokerAnon ~ August 1st, 2010. Filed under: Basics of poker, Fear of raising series, Poker aggression.

“Sticking your neck out” = Raising, especially preflop?

I’ve always used this blog to track little thoughts that come into my head. Yesterday I was playing a form of poker that I haven’t played for a while. Often when I play something unfamiliar or that I haven’t played recently there’s more anxiousness and decisions aren’t so simple.

So I use those opportunities to re-experience a beginner’s perspective, at least to some level, and one of the thoughts that crossed my mind was “stick my neck out”. It’s a good phrase. The visual image that comes with it is guillotine-like, as if you extent your neck and risk having your head chopped off. Sometimes I view it as if I’m sticking my head out of a train or car window and risking getting chopped by a pole as we fly past.

And that’s what it can feel like. You raise and you’re sticking your neck out. When you don’t know your opponents well, when you don’t have confidence in your reactions to 3 bets or to play on later streets it can feel as if you’re putting your head into a dangerous area. Raise preflop. Miss the flop but continuation bet, Ugh, he calls, now what? It starts to feel as if the rest of my body is now being dragged out into danger too.

And those of us who experience the spew form of tilt have an additional fear, even if we are experienced. At any moment that tilt monster can rise up, fuelled by frustration, anger, incredulousness, arrogance, alcohol, and cause us to lose precious dollars that we worked so hard to grind out.

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