Playing the $10 Million Sunday Million

by PokerAnon ~ December 17th, 2011. Filed under: Gambling, Goals and plans.

I’ve agreed to be staked to play the $10 Million guaranteed on PokerStars tomorrow.

The expectation is that there will be a significant overlay. The buy in is $215 with $15 going to the rake, $200 going to the prize pool. Start time as I write this is thirteen hours away and there are 15,759 registered, meaning $3,15,800 has been collected going towards the prizes, so as of right now PokerStars is some $6,800,000 short .

Looking at it the other way, PokerStars needs $10 million divided by $200 or 50,000 runners in order to not have to put their own money into the prize pool. Even if we get to 25,000 by start time, that means that for the $200 buy in there is a chance at $400 worth of prizes. That’s why so many have been trying to satellite in, scrape up backing, or simply take a shot at playing.

First prize is guaranteed at $2 million.

I don’t expect or even hope to win. I don’t play a lot of tournaments and I’ve played very few were the starting stack size is 250 big blinds. What I do hope to do is cash and get something back for my stakers.


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