$5 to $100,000

by PokerAnon ~ June 1st, 2010. Filed under: Bankroll.

Turn $5 into $100,000? By playing poker? And in less than 12 months?

Boku87 set himself the challenge of doing so, and according to his blog, he’s made it.

Chris Ferguson had the most famous version of this type of bankroll challenge, turning $0 into $10,000. So Boku87, a pro at PokerStars has taken it further at the top end, but at the same time he had it much easier at the bottom end. Starting with $5 is much easier than trying to play freerolls to get to $5, and I don’t think his bankroll restrictions were quite as tight as Ferguson’s, at least not for the early stages.

So take heart, you rags-to-riches dreamers.

But keep in mind, these are players who have already made millions playing poker so they’ve already know how to play high stakes.

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  1. Pat

    The additional benefit he had was, of course, Supernova (elite too, I think?). He used his FPPs to buy bonuses which, in my opinion, defeated the object of actually winning all of the $100k.

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