Alderney Gambling Control Commission suspends license for Full Tilt Poker

by PokerAnon ~ June 29th, 2011. Filed under: Bankroll, Rush/Zoom Poker.

Since Black Friday (April 15, 2011) the three sites affected have reacted in varying ways. PokerStars has been clear about their efforts to send money to US players who are no longer able to play for real money on their site. Full Tilt, the second biggest site, over the years has often been categorized with PokerStars in terms of quality of play, player support, and generally being worthy of their second best ranking. The third company included in the Black Friday shakeup, the Cereus network, which has Ultimate Bet and Absolute Poker as it’s sites, has had a bad reputation since the days of the superuser scandals a couple of years back followed by the security holes discovered in their software by PokerTableRatings.

But since Black Friday Full Tilt has fallen behind PokerStars and now appears to be better lumped in with Cereus. Tilt has not refunded US players monies (possibly because they cannot do so, due to 1) apparently looseness in crediting players with funds before the payment processor actual has collected the money, and 2) less segregation of player’s funds from operating funds) and they have far less forthcoming with information and action to follow up on statements ever since April 15.

The Alderney Gambling Control Commission, who issued the license to Full Tilt, has now suspended their license. You can read about it on Forbes or with more information on the AGCC on WickedChopsPoker. PokerStars is licensed by another jurisdiction, and that licensing body is clear that they do not regard PokerStars in any danger of losing their license with them.

It looks like So long, Full Tilt. I never had too much bankroll there, but it’s a good thing I cashed all my bankrolls down to $200 in spite of being non-US. I’ll miss the games of Rush poker though.

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    Sad to hear this chaos around the Black Friday. Sincerely hope that all American players have got their money by now

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