Comparison of rake costs, from site to site and level to level

by ~ September 15th, 2010. Filed under: Bankroll.

PokerTableRatings gets a lot of flack, but they are uniquely able to do a lot of things. They’ve broken stories on hackable poker site encryptions and they’ve supported research on players with multiple accounts.

Now they’ve released statistical info on the cost of rake at various sites and at various levels. For them it’s a pretty easy thing to do since they have millions and millions of hand histories from all the biggest sites so it’s simply a matter of separating by buy in level, totaling the rake charged, and dividing by the number of hands to get an average.

PokerStars, Full Tilt, and Cake shake out as the best rake costs. And at for the French players it shows how awful the cost of the French tax on poker is. Rake at the French site is often twice the cost at PokerStars, though interestingly in spite of the French tax, it still is not always the worst site in terms of rake, being overtaken by Cereus (with it’s bad beat jackpot charge), Bodog and IPoker (the network that only allows non-winning cash game players) at certain game/level combinations.

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