Ode to positive bb/100

by ~ May 31st, 2009. Filed under: Bankroll.

I was looking at my HEM stats the other night, and pleased that I had something like 8 up sessions in a row. No big ups, but no down sessions either. Then I went back further searching for my big downswing. I found it, a month and a half ago.

My big downswing was a month and a half ago. It’s amazing the degree to which this still eats at my confidence. It was down 5 buyins, then almost 2 more full buyins, then just over a half more for a total of 8 over 3 sessions. And of course, part of the problem is that it was prefaced by a big downswing that I had just managed to recover from, and then followed by a rough period of up and down, down and up. And to this day, a month and a half later, I still haven’t recovered at that buyin level yet. I’ve made some money at some other levels, plus won some tourney monies so the bankroll has recovered but I still have a negative bb/100 at that level alone since I started my most recent grind period.

And I had somewhere between 30-40 buyins in my bankroll for that level, depending on when you do the measuring. Plus I have played that level before successfully in different short periods. It still undermines my confidence at that level, and maybe always will until I can successfully grind that negative away, far away, far enough that I can forget it or get over it.

It helps a bit, but not enough, that at a lower level I went through similar swings and now don’t pay much attention to it, other than to try to play well when I’m run 10 tables at that level. It helps a bit, though not enough, that I’ve also been playing the next level above with only 3 tables and am going through my usual unsustainable hot streak that happens when I try something new.

At some point my Confidence and I will have a celebration when we finally get the bb/100 to positive for this one level again.

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