Climate change; Blog Action Day

by ~ October 15th, 2009. Filed under: Poker and life.

Okay, this is tough.

I joined Blog Action Day on the topic of Climate Change. Something I do have concerns about, but, how to make it relate to poker?


Climate change has connections to the variance that we experience as poker players. Short term seasonal change is standard. Even shorter term daily weather change is standard. Sun comes up, temperature rises. Sun goes down, temperature drops. Generally colder in winter, warmer in summer.

Even longer term there will be variation. Some summers are drier or hotter than recent average summers. Some years have average temperatures that are higher or lower than an average from recent years. When Mt. Pinatubo in the Philippines erupted in 1991 worldwide temperatures dropped for a few years.

On a even longer term, climates fluctuate. The polar ice caps have increased and decreased before. There are many areas where people comfortably live now that were carved out by glacier action, leaving lakes and ponds in the middle of flattened areas where the glaciers once covered the ground. Now we’re talking very long term.

Unfortunately, this is the first period on earth where a species with the power of mankind has roamed the planet. We as a species are a natural occurrence, but what we do is not considered natural. In our quest to explore, move, build, we’ve created machines and huge amounts of change to the terrain, and to the atmosphere.

We are a factor. We have the power to move mountains, to drain lakes, to fill the air with radioactive contamination.

We are speeding the process of warming the planet.

Variance swings in all directions. Climate change has also swung in all directions.

But like a poker player who has learned a few tricks, learned about pot odds, learned to continuation bet and is now a winning player long term, mankind is a factor on climate change. The swings of climate change are being trended upward. Like the winning poker player who still experiences variance but trends upward over the long term, we are affecting climate change over the long term.

But unlike the trained poker player, we’re also the losers.

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