Frozen shoulder; One year later

by ~ June 15th, 2009. Filed under: Poker and life.

Just a quick note.

I bumped my head on the mirror of my car while washing the lower edge of the door. It didn’t bother me much and I ignored it until later in the evening and my family asked why I had blood on my forehead. Then I remembered.

Later I also remembered it was about this time of the year last year when my frozen shoulder issue began. When I started having pain in my shoulder I tried to remember what I had done in the past couple of days, thinking that perhaps I strained it or something, and I recalled that I had been walking on the sidewalk, turning past a concrete block/plant holder to go into a store. I was wearing jeans and scraped my shin on the corner of the concrete, but didn’t bother to look at it until I got home.

Now, I don’t think that scraping my shin had any connection with the onset of my frozen shoulder. At least I hope not, and if so I also hope scraping my forehead this year won’t do the same thing again this year. But the ignored scrape just made me aware that a year has passed.

At first I thought that the shoulder pain was tendonitis or something related to how I mouse, which is why I started writing about it in this blog. Then as I finally recovered I wrote again. Finally, an 8 month later review, and then this one, one year later.

So one year later there is no pain, finally. But I also have not regained full mobility. I still cannot lie on the floor and drop my arms to the floor above my head. I went for a MIBI heart stress test back in the fall and the technician asked why I couldn’t put my arms above my head and flat and I had to explain I had frozen shoulder problems, though back then I also had pain. The pain is gone, but the flexibility didn’t return.

If I ever want to get this back (and as far as I can tell this is the only direction in which my flexibility is still compromised) I’m gonna have to do some seriously regular stretching. For anyone afflicted with frozen shoulder who reads this, this is probably the final chapter on the story. It’s a looong road, and unfortunately not a 100% happy ending so far.

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